Walk and Relieve the Stress

If you’re living in Colorado or Washington you might disagree, but from my position here in Peaklessburg, I think the Mountaineering Council of Scotland in Big Issues Scotland has it right: “[T]he hills are alive with the sound of over-stressed, under-funded, debt-burdened solace-seekers, tramping towards tranquility amid the peaks and valleys.” 

The council believes that more people in Scotland and the U.K. need to get out more and walk to relieve the pressures of daily life.  The organization is also promoting an election agenda for the candidates to support more maintained trails in the north country. 

While I am uncertain whether more trails are a solution to stress (and the limited wilderness there) I wholeheartedly agree that walking and hiking does a world of good in for workers and professionals today.  We are inundated with information and asked to make decisions quickly and frequently.  These things build tension even when you don’t notice. 

Simplifying things on the trail so that your priorities are realigned is refreshing.  Thinking more about packing enough food and water and bringing a good rain jacket or wind breaker will be like a change of scenery on a much longer vacation.  Then add the walk itself and you’re set! 

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