Mountain Drool: The White Tusk

Last year I reported on a rarely thought of mountain. It’s not the biggest anywhere, except its own range, and it isn’t even in North America, where I tend to focus my obsessive energies on climbing. No, this one is lost among a lot of peaks in Peru, and I thought it was worth returning to today.

This beauty is Huaguruncho in the Cordilla Central region. It’s name means The White Tusk and is the 24th highest peak in Peru. And it is rarely climbed. It is approximately 18,963 ft./5,780 m., but its precise elevation is uncertain.

According to the 2004 American Alpine Journal, the British made the first ascent in 1956, a Norwegian-American team in 1970, the Japanese in 1975 and by the Spanish in 2003. According to Alpinist magazine it was climbed by British again last year, in 2010, creating a new route.

Seems ripe for some other lines to the top.

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One thought on “Mountain Drool: The White Tusk

  1. Absolutely beautiful. I’ve climbed in the Canadian Rockies and all over Switzerland … visited but not climbed the Himalayas …. but this is one of the most beautiful mountains I have ever seen. And the photography is stellar. Thanks for this treat.

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