Groundhog Day, La Nina and Helmcken Falls

We have a strange tradition in North America called Groundhog Day. This is where some town officials from rural Pennsylvania (and some other communities too) use a large rodent, a groundhog, as a matter of fact — although Alaska uses Marmots — to predict the weather. If said rodent, Punxsutawney Phil, sees his shadow after emerging from his hole on February 2nd, Americans and Canadians are subject to six more weeks of winter. To which, Punxsatawney Phil heads back into his hole to “sleep in,” and we skiers and ice climbers can bask in the extended winter wonderland.

However, with this winter being so mild here in Peaklessburg, so what…?

Fortunately, conditions have been right in some places. For the most part. Tim Emmett has been able to climb the unworldly ice cave at Helmcken Falls in British Colombia. Though the precipitation has turned to rain for a few days, changing conditions.

I expect next winter there will be plenty of snow, particularly in Vermont for the Stowe Derby. At least I seriously hope so. I can’t imagine two seasons in a row like this.


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