Craft Beer and off to Alaska

Craft beer and the 49th State are two things close to my heart. They both have an intoxicating influence. Their powers came into play once again, this time for a friend…

If you’re a member of the American Alpine Club, you can’t miss the communications on their Facebook page, Twitter, emails and blog from AAC staffer and ice climber Luke Bauer. He’s got a style that is engaging and amusing; you’re compelled to read his posts. He’s also leaving for Alaska and the chance to work for one of the well-known breweries in Juneau. How do you beat that?

The AAC staff and Luke in particular have been very helpful to me in becoming an active member, engage with the climbing community and, in some indirect ways, establishing The Suburban Mountaineer over the last couple of years. While the AAC will most likely fill his position, he himself is irreplaceable.

Good luck in Alaska, Luke!


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