Boldest Ascents of Alaska–Updated List

A couple of you — namely Jason Stuckey and Steve Gruhn — suggested several more ascents to add to the list of nominees for the boldest ascent in Alaska. So I am updating the original list from two posts ago post with these climbs:

  • Dora Keen and George Handy’s 1912 ascent of the East Peak of Mount Blackburn.
  • Art Davidson’s and Rick Millikan’s 1966 first ascent of Kichatna Spire.
  • 1967 first winter ascent of Mount McKinley by Davidson, Ray Genet, and Dave Johnston
  • Naomi Uemura’s 1984 solo winter ascent of Mount McKinley.
  • Phil Kaufmann’s. Steve Carroll’s, and Patrick Simmons’ 1995 first (and to date only) ascent of Mount Orville.
  • Thomas Bubendorfer’s 1997 solo first ascent of Mount Laurens.
  • Kevin Cooper’s and Ryan Jennings’ ascent of “Stairway to Heaven” on Mount Johnson in 2014.
  • Ryan Fisher’s and Nathan Lane’s 2014 first ascent of Mount Muir from tidewater.

Sorry that this may feel like the most drawn out process… But don’t fear. We’re haven’t even started the fun yet.

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