The Washington Monument: No Climbing.

Do you have a work-home-work grind every week? Does it sometimes eat at you that you’re not “living the dream” in some ski-resort or mountain town? It does to me. But I have found some peace by diving into my passion for climbing and mountaineering history; it matters. So I help with the Banff Centre with its mountain literature competition, I volunteer with the American Alpine Club, I am a grassroots leader with the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, and I contribute to Alpinist Magazine.

Climbing matters today because people everywhere are increasingly living in urban communities, yet we spend more money on outdoor recreation, adventure travel, and visiting National Parks and the outdoors than ever before. We’ve even built an astonishing quantity of indoor climbing gyms in and around our cities to bring something we think we need closer to us. We are drawn to the wild (i.e. nature) and risk and, for many of us, nothing else satisfies quite like adventure among mountains.

Climbing matters to me; I am a husband, a father of two, a freelance writer, and a public affairs expert in Washington, DC trying to find peace with my passions. I am Andrew Szalay, and I am The Suburban Mountaineer.

Read some of my most popular posts and feel free to contact me about writing opportunities, reviewing climbing books and literature, or with questions or ideas at andrew.szalay@yahoo.com. You may also follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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