Don’t Leave Your Binoculars Behind… Ever

Originally submitted at REI

New styling and high optical specifications characterize Nikon’s latest Action Series binoculars, designed for quality minded, outdoor enthusiasts.


Nikon Action 8X40 Binoculars

By SuburbanMountaineer from Alexandria, VA on 6/7/2010

I received these binoculars as a present right before a trip to the Coast Range in British Colombia. I used them to take in the slopes during our hike and choose routes — the wide field view is great for that. I then went whale watching in Boston last year and left them behind (along with a great deal else) to travel light. I did not miss my jacket, but these binoculars would have been invaluable.

They are nicely compact and I enjoy the wide angle view which works very well for landscapes and finding birds. They are not as powerful as some others I have used (once used pair from Bushnell) but it’s power was almost too much for landscapes and the bird only 200 yards away. The sole downside to this pair is that the lens caps may be lost easily. I recommend putting them in your pocket as soon as the binoculars are removed from the case.

Now, after the whale watching experience, whenever we visit friends out of town, or just run to Annapolis, I have them in a backpack in the car ready for birding or whatever tall ship may be coming through. Don’t leave home without them.



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