Link-Ups: Four Sends, Same Day

Alpinist‘s website reported yesterday that back on July 30, 2010, Matt Ciancio and Peter Croft completed sending four routes in the Northern Sierra, meanwhile in Squamish, BC, Alex Honnold and Will Stanhope climbed four walls as well. 

These same-day, multi-route climbs are becoming (if they are not already) a style of climbing by themselves.  They are significant because the climbers are faster than before and often free climb more sections.  For example, Alex Honnold is now the record holder for French free climbing several routes in Yosemite at unbelieveable speed. 

Extreme stamina and courage may be more critical than climbing skill for such climbs, because in these climbs breaks for the body and the mind are rarely permitted.  Where this takes the sport is definitely worth watching.


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