Rarely Climbed Peak is Ascended Again

British climbers Tom Chamberlain and Tony Barton sended a new line up the southwest wall of Huaguruncho (18,776 ft./5,723 m.) in August according UKClimbing.com and Alpinist.  The pics on these sites are well worth checking out.

It took these mountaineers four days to reach the summit on a new line that they are calling Llama Karma (1000m ED/ 90·/V, 24 pitches).  They attempted a similar route with a third teammate in 2008 but were unsuccessful.

What makes this ascent of Huaguruncho so interesting is that it has been successfully topped off by alpinists only three times in fifty years despite other attempts.  Its massif is located on the eastern portion of Peru and only 40 mi./64 km. from the rainforest, which helps attract the precipitation on the mountain, making for some difficulty getting up any part of this pyramid.  If you want to visit it to hike or climb, this link might provide a start: http://www.huaguruncho.com/

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