Nepal’s Unclimbed Peaks

Happy Wednesday.  We are all a little closer to a long weekend to hit the trails or kick back. 

I recently heard that the Nepal counts approximately 120 unclimbed peaks in its region of the Himalayas.  However, some climbers say the number is much higher and could include 300 other summits. 

The reason for this discrepancy could be the way Nepal officials and the mountaineers are identifying and counting peaks.  For instance, peaks with names in North America are given names because the high point rises a certain distance over its surrounding landmass and stands a minimum length away from other points.  Nepal may do something similar on its official maps where it records peaks. 

If mountaineers are claiming that additional peaks are not being counted by Nepal, it is probably because they recognize numerous mountains or peaks not properly identified by Nepal.  The only other explanation is that there are far fewer peaks actually climbed than Nepal has knowledge of, which, if true, should be suspicious to climbers.  Perhaps the Alpine Journals and American Alpine Journals and such records might prove better research if that were the case. 

Notably, another Himalayan peak may be summited this October in Nepal.  Chekigo Peak (20,528 ft./6,257 m.) will be the goal of a friendship expedition of Bangladesh and Nepali mountaineers.  I will update you with any additional news on this when I hear about it. 

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