Hike Long and Stay Safe

Happy holiday, everyone, whether you’re celebrating Thanksgiving or Columbus Day! 

A local news station put out the total number of hiking deaths for climbing Colorado’s 14ers.  It came to 10 for this season.  As a percentage it is likely a small fraction, but the danger remains nonetheless. 

The article (see the link above) quotes an outfitter observing that many hikers and climbers probably do not feel they can get lost today. 

I agree.  Disorientation is rare today.  With our cell phones, maps and the majority of our population living in urban centers, we take what open space and natural hazards mean. 

The bottom line is, even for a day hike, plan ahead, pack the Ten Essentials, let someone know where you are going and when you are expected back, and if bad weather rolls in, take shelter or go home.  Stay safe.

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