Help Support the Most Significant Climbs

When it comes to books, maps and guidebooks, our genre of mountaineering and mountain life is a niche subject even among outdoors publications. But the importance to us as climbers to have a record of past climbs and their stories is just as important to us as having the current map and the latest guidebook. This is why having and supporting the American Alpine Club Library is so important.

The AAC Library contains the largest collection of mountaineering and mountain culture literature and information in the world. It archives the world’s most significant climbs through periodicals, like the American Alpine Journal, mountaineering tales, including best sellers and even out of print texts. It also holds many rare and foreign texts. Climbers about to embark on the next legendary epic, often start here.

Now the AAC Library is raising funds for its work by offering Mountain by Sandy Hill. Mountain is a book of highland photography including works by Ansel Adams, Vittorio Sella, and many others including never-before-seen photos by Bradford Washburn. The book is not yet available to the public, however the AAC Library  is currently accepting pre-orders of Mountain.

I encourage you to consider purchasing the book or contributing what you can to the Library. Climbers and armchair mountaineers will thank you by maintaining this for the climbing community we love.

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