Snow or the Lack Thereof

The other day, Edelweiss and I were talking about the absurdly warm November we’re having here in Peaklessburg. Actually, she talked, I grumbled.

We really don’t get enough snow and my neighbors annoy me when they shun — often vehemently — the thought of the white stuff. Rain could be flooding into their basements ruining their beloved, extensive and valuable collection of classic rock LPs and they would sigh and say, “Well, at least it isn’t snow.”

So Edelweiss, in her endless wit, suggested a very appropos statement to put on my tee shirt:

Let it

I grew up in snowy Upstate New York, and I probably have an unusual appreciation for snow, even among Upstaters. But for me, winter was always more exciting. Summer existed solely for short-wearing activities: hiking, rock climbing and baseball. But winter was for greater endeavors, including skiing, ice climbing, snowshoeing, snowball fights… And there is nothing quite like Tim Horton’s coffee and a donut on a cold, snowy day! Yes, even on the grey-sky slushy kind.

I’m jealous of anyone with regular access to some mountains and wintry precipitation. Or maybe you’re fortunate to have time to take off and head to Bozeman, Montana for the ice climbing festival (December 9 and 10). Enjoy!

So if you’re someplace cold that gets the flakes en masse, be grateful. There are snowless children at the equator.

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One thought on “Snow or the Lack Thereof

  1. We’ve been having similar conversations. In fact, I think Melissa would go for one of those t-shirts too; we’d have to get one in maternity sizes though… Also, while I have heard about the wonders of Tim Horton’s, I have not yet experienced it as I grew up further from Canada than you!

    Maybe we should make a trip to North Conway this winter?

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