Hurricane Sandy and Some Brief Notes

Hurricane Sandy Does Well for Water Industry (Szalay 2012)

Hurricane Sandy Does Well for Water Industry (Szalay 2012)

The whole region of greater Washington, DC has shutdown for at least the day like much of the Mid-Atlantic and the east coast. It’s nice to get an unexpected three-day weekend with Natalie and our Wunderkind, but I’m sure there are neighbors that are alone and dreading the anticipated power outages more than we are.

Yesterday, I had the chance to draw out a rough reference map of Baffin Island. I like to draw out my own maps for the areas I am interested in mainly because it helps me develop a better mental picture of valleys, fiords and distances. For instance, when I grew up on the US-Canadian border area in Upstate New York, that was the center of the world from which I judged distances to Alaska and the Adirondacks. But when I got to those places, they were where I viewed the world. So the exercise of looking at the world through Baffin Island as the world’s center has the advantages of making my vicarious perspective of Baffin Island a little closer to a first person perspective. Mark Synnott’s guide has been an amazing resource and I highly recommend it even if just for the rich, colored photos.

Also, while I am slowly turning into a casual rock climber, my favorite way to go vertical is by climbing water ice. One of the most amazing ice climbs is Spray On at Helmcken Falls in British Colombia. I posted a video on my Facebook page that you might enjoy checking out.

Lastly, I’m putting together a giveaway that I hope to let everyone know about tonight or tomorrow morning. I’m just waiting on one thing. Anyway, I think you’ll all like it.

Thanks for dropping by again and if you’re in the storm’s path, enjoy the adventure, have a beer and please stay safe.

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4 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy and Some Brief Notes

  1. I’m also home from work and am lookimg forward to popping open an Octobetfest and catching up on David Roberts’ “Moments of Doubt”. Be safe.

  2. You too and enjoy — the book, beer and the day off. The essay Moments of Doubt itself is chilling.

    Plus, I’m slightly envious of everyone that spurged on the good beer. I saw my neighbor’s guest walk in a little while ago with New Belgian’s Snow Day. Today might be the day I open my bottle of Trapp Lager from Vermont that I’ve been saving.

    All the best, Dan!

  3. Ended up at this blog by accident but as long as I’m here I’ll recommend a book I came across about climbing titled One Man’s Mountain by Tom Patey.. It was written in early 1970’s so is dated but I laughed all the way through at the precarious positions this guy and his friends put themselves into while climbing in the winter.

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