A Quick Note on Everest

In my last post I said that Everest won’t get interesting again until a team traverses Nuptse, Lhotse and Everest. Well, that was until we’ve heard the news of an all-star line up going for challenging new routes on the mountain.

According to Backcountry.com, three new routes will be attempted:

  1. Ueli Steck and Simon Moro will attempt a route on the south face, possibly direct;
  2. Denis Urubko and Alexey Bolotov will also attempt a route on the south face, possibly direct; and
  3. Gleb Sokolov and Alexander Kirikov will work on a new route on the east face.

It’s worth getting excited over, especially if it’s by fair means and in alpine style. If any of these teams can pull that off, it will be quite an accomplishment. I don’t know the Sokolov-Kirikov team as well as the others, but I always expect big results from Urubko.

Still, my Everest-cynicism has me cringing over the media circus that will follow .

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