Your Nominees for the Greatest Climbers of All Time

This is part IV of this series on determining who are the greatest climbers of all time. You can catch up on reading at the beginning by clicking here: Greatest Climbers.

Yesterday, on Facebook, I shared a rubric to help determine who are the best climbers of all time. I’m working to narrow the list to the greatest climbers — meaning only five and no more than 10. But first, I wanted to share with you the full list of the 43 climbers that you have suggested might be among the greatest. They’re listed in alphabetical order.

  1. Amedeo, Luigi
  2. Anker, Conrad
  3. Beckey, Fred
  4. Bielecki, Adam
  5. Bonatti, Walter
  6. Boardman, Peter
  7. Boukreev, Anatoli
  8. Brown, Joe
  9. Buhl, Hermann
  10. Caldwell, Tommy
  11. Cassin, Riccardo
  12. Desio, Ardito
  13. Diemberger, Kurt
  14. Haston, Dougal
  15. House, Steve
  16. Humar, Tomaž
  17. Kaltenbrunner, Gerlinde
  18. Kor, Layton
  19. Kukuczka, Jerzy
  20. Kurtyka, Voytek
  21. Loretan, Erhard
  22. Lowe, Alex
  23. Messner, Reinhold
  24. Paradis, Marie
  25. Park Young-Seok
  26. Pasaban, Edurne
  27. Peck, Annie Smith
  28. Prezelj, Marko
  29. Rebuffat, Gaston
  30. Rutkiewicz, Wanda
  31. Scott, Doug
  32. Sharma, Chris
  33. Shipton, Eric
  34. Steck, Ueli
  35. Tasker, Joe
  36. Terray, Lionel
  37. Tillman, Bill
  38. Urubko, Denis
  39. Viesturs, Ed
  40. Whillians, Don
  41. Wielicki, Krzysztof
  42. Wiessner, Fritz
  43. Workman, Fanny Bullock

I’m a little concerned, as Katie Ives indicated, that we might be underrepresented in some respects. The only climber from China, Korea, Japan, Nepal, India, Pakistan and that region of Asia I have named thus far is the late Park Young-Seok. He was the first person to climb all 14 of the world’s 8,000-meter peaks, the Seven Summits and reach both poles (the so-called Grand Slam of Mountaineering.)

Also, I will be making a naming the greatest female climbers of all time in a separate list. Women climbers have faced unique, and in many ways harder, challenges in the sport over the past century and they deserve to be featured in a way that honors and celebrates their accomplishments.  I may solicit and add more names for consideration, and a rubric must be a drawn up. Let me know if you have any thoughts on this.

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Climbing matters, even though we work nine to five.

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