What I am Reading Now


Quick note on what reading material is going with me during my commute to work this holiday season…

Harriet Tuckey’s Everest: The First Ascent. It won the 2013 Banff Mountain Book Competition Grand Prize and the 2013 Boardman Tasker Award for Mountain Literature. I don’t like to dwell on Everest these days, but the history or the first atttempts are pure; they’re what most of us are really looking for in a climb, whatever that may be for you. In her book, Tuckey writes about her father and his unique contribution to making the first ascent of Everest possible. I’ll share my thoughts on it in the next couple of weeks.

I am also reading the December/January issue of Climbing (No. 321.) though not very quickly; Tuckey’s book has to be back to the American Alpine Club Library soon.

It also seems that I am “reading” REI, Patagonia, and LLBean catalogs at the rate of one each per week as we lead up to Christmas. They are mostly just a distraction to getting Everest done, except for the Patagonia catalog’s photography. These don’t go with me on my commute.

Happy Holidays.

Climbing matters even though we work nine to five.

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