Candy Canes and Carabiners

In trying to explain why I love alpine climbing, the verseall was calm, all was bright, from a Christmas hymn has put into music the ephemeral feelings. For me, it glances at the still and fleeting qualities of the alpine, the same way Christmastime is something we want to hold on to.

At Christmas, the season is often described with language about wonder, like a child’s. Everything is new and surprising. Mysterious things are explained as miracles. The general notion of magical events are sacred.

It’s a magic where things are still. We pause in awe of the moment. We visit friends and, more importantly, loved ones. And it seems, here in the states at least, all busy-ness and work stops out of respect for the delicate moment.

It’s a magic where darkness is welcomed with a sense of anticipation. The twinkle of lights, whether in bulbs or flame, both charm and warm us on cold evenings.

It’s a magic almost like the alpine.

Time slows down. Little lights glow brighter. Good company feels closer. And the work what we have built in friendship in seeking a sacred moment all come to fruition.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas.

If you don’t celebrate, then I simply wish you a peaceful and joyous day. I am thinking of all of you and wish you well.

Good night.

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